Join the Asset Food Hub Team

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, our mission is economic development, growth and sustainability. One section of the non-profit is food! We feed thousands of families every week.

We created an online grocery store and distribution service for several reasons; to feed billions, to help food desert areas, end hunger, end waste, provide career opportunities, emergency assistance, provide free and affordable products. As well as bring a sales and delivery channel for farmers, small businesses and entrepreneurs within the food industry. Did I forget something? Lol. We are the Hub! But our top priority is to continue to feed and supply for free to those in need AND establish a place for the Middle Class and Upper Middle class to go for a consistent and LARGE savings! We've earned it! So we can save towards something more.

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Loaders and unloaders

Sorting and storing

Packing food boxes to be ready for delivery or pick up


Free lunch and Free Groceries based off our current inventory - We can't wait to help you fill your fridge and/or freezer with free groceries for you and your household and possibly extended family & friends. 


Free Dental starting 2022 Ask for more details.

More as we get more..