The Hub: Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental - business
Allow enough time to clean, sanitize, mop, and vacuum our studio, we schedule a 30-minute - 1-hour for set up and clean up. 15-30min buffer in between consecutive bookings. 
The white floor or green wall is not guaranteed to be freshly painted before your booking (By request only).
To add equipment rentals to your booking; contact us
Extra Guest Policy
On the day of the shoot, if additional people arrive more than the attendee size that is originally booked, each additional person will be charged $10 per person + per hour.  Excludes open to the public events.
Rental - events
Allow enough time to freely
Freshly clean, sanitize, mop, and vacuum rental space. We schedule a 30-minute - 1-hour for set up and clean up. 15-30min buffer in between consecutive bookings. 
Smoking Policy
Renters can smoke outside in the back. If Renter wants to smoke inside for a specific project (includes fog and smoke machines), they must get prior approval from a Studio Manager and pay a minimum of $50 maintenance and cleanup fee. 
Security (events only)
Renters Responsibilities 
In front, down and across the street parking is available for $5 cash, debit or credit.
Event Insurance 
Bartend & Alcohol Insurance (if applicable)
Food; Food Truck, Chef for food vendor selling food (if applicable)
Bartend & Alcohol Insurance (if applicable)
Us: We fully stock all necessaries, freshly deep clean your space and sanitize to preventive standards. After the event/blocked time, another deep clean and sanitization services are done. (Your choice candle fragrance optional)
You: after the event/blocked time, clean up and leave it how it was before your event. 
*We reserve the right to quote a higher price based on the description of the project and the right to deny smoking of any kind in our studio. 
- Minimum of 3hours, 1 free hour.
- The deposit is half of the total cost, which is non-refundable  48hrs before your booking begins.
- We recommend consultation which includes a tour of the facility and different studio stages/sets. 
- Remember to allow time for set-up and break down.
Anything broken, stolen or misplaced. You are responsible for replacing or repairing.