About Us

Our Why

This year we are raising $350,000+ with the goal of awarding 20 career-driven people that will change the trajectory of their lives.


While the mission of our fundraising events will be dedicated to raising funds for the nonprofit. We are hosting an exciting Food Tasting Day! Join us, get to know us, lets' get to know you, learn, eat and have a family fun day!


Public Service 501c3 Asset Organization Inc


OUR MISSION The Asset Organization’s mission is to end poverty, hunger and homelessness. We revitalize and empower the community with the opportunities to stimulate growth and knowledge. While creating jobs, vocational training, improving neighborhoods, and rebuilding assets. 


Over the course of the eventful day, funds will be raised & donated to causes including but not limited too. 

  • Meals for families
  • Free and affordable events and services 
  • Career Driven Employment 
  • Vocational training
  • Access to fresh and healthy foods for all.
  • Education on cooking and nutrition.
  • Facility dedicated for food hub and business owners.
  • Farmland and land development.
  • Education of financial literacy and economics.
  • Emergency Assistance 


More About Us…


OUR PURPOSE Our purpose is to provide inheritable opportunities that will empower, support, and equip families with equitable resources towards generational sustainability.


We are creating a movement of daring social innovators and creators. Contributing to the essential assets, generational economic sustainability, social engineering, health and happiness of communities, through our mission. Together, revitalize and empower  communities with the opportunities to stimulate economic sustainability, while sharing resources, educating, creating jobs, ownership, access to resources, skill training and improving neighborhoods. 


To help with this journey. We’ve turned a traditional food hub into an online grocery and micro-fulfillment center (MFC) with technology for local delivery and nationwide distribution. Working with local food providers; outlets, farmers, small businesses, restaurants/chefs and entrepreneurs fulfilling food, beverage and household products. We have a 7,000 sq ft facility, IOS & Android App, easy to use shopping and picking experience, customer accounts and built-in delivery, curbside and shipping tech. 


Also this provides a platform for local grocery manufacturers or retailers to advertise and sell their products. The company allows a great opportunity for the gig workers to work as a full-time independent contractor or part-time as a picker, packer, warehouse, customer relations and more.


To make this \ a success, we need the support of generous people like you! In the efforts to help us stay alive and thrive! Help us make a difference and bring this fun and much needed experience to Atlanta.


We’d be happy to provide incentive. We’ll thank you publicly, put your company’s name on our website and event literature in exchange to show how much we appreciate your support.


If you would like to learn more about sponsoring our events, donations to the organization, volunteer or be willing to contribute a gift of any kind, you can contact us directly at 470-907-0403. Visit our website at www.assetfoodhub.com, Youtube or Facebook. We’d love to begin this conversation.

Quality Foods for All #growwithus

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